Please click on the link below to contribute towards to the expansion of our education complex to allow us the ability to educate and shelter more children and orphans in Busia County, the Republic of Kenya.


International School For Champions provides quality education and housing for students and orphans who cannot afford to attend school on their own. The campus is quickly becoming recognized as the place for demonstrative learning to prepare our young people for the jobs of tomorrow including entrepreneur development and ongoing peer support.

We’re currently seeking donations to build new demonstrative classrooms including computers, 3D printers and scanners, audio/video equipment, musical instruments, tools for woodworking, and other equipment necessary to develop the skills and talents they need to pursue the careers and businesses that interest them most.


Every dollar counts and nothing is wasted.  The campus hires local villagers to help make bricks from the land where the school is located to build additional dormitories to house the growing number of orphans who desperately need a safe haven to call home and a new family to care for them.

We are currently seeking donations to fund the construction of new electrical wires to be brought into the village as well as digging trenches to pipe in fresh drinking water. At the moment, there is no electricity and water must be carried back a mile from the local seasonal stream. When the stream dries up each year the walk becomes even farther.

In addition to power and water, we are seeking funds to supply high speed internet throughout the campus for all the students to use. Our next step will be to acquire enough computers for the laboratory where students will have supervised access to the internet for educational purposes.


In the bush, it’s easy to contract an infestation of chiggers, a tiny mite whose parasitic larvae live on or under the skin of warm-blooded animals, where they cause irritation and dermatitis and sometimes transmit scrub typhus. It’s extremely painful and can make life unbearable. Donations like yours help to greatly reduce the numbers of chiggers colonies living in nearby grassy patches and damp, shady places along the seasonal stream where the villagers travel for water.


The International School of Champions hosts a football field where the students and local children can play sports. Until recently, many of them didn’t have shoes but thanks to generous donations like yours they now have shoes to play football and protect their feet from parasites. Fitness is crucial to a healthy body and mind. So, we encourage our students to be active and enjoy group activities to foster teamwork and socialization.


Providing healthy meals for the students is always a challenge. So, it’s imperative that we seek out donations each month to cover the significant cost of feeding so many hungry children.



Every week the students are instructed to give a presentation in the form of a newscast to instill public speaking skills, logic and reason, and basic communication skills. Some students choose to recite poetry and others express themselves in dance.


Pens: $0.20/pen
Notebooks: $1/notebook 
Subject book: $4/book
Hygiene products & underwear: $50 – $100  
Towels/toiletries/soap: $200/month
Food for students & neighborhood children: $75/day, $2,300/ a month
Teacher’s salary – $150 – $350/month depending on years of experience)
Paint for school: $25/liter
Sand & cement to rebuild classroom: $57 per load and bag
Printer/photo copier – $600 
A whole classroom: $4,000 rebuilding burnt one.
Community college for top graduating students: $1,300 for full tuition
Top Kenyan university for #1 graduating student: ~$8,000 for full tuition (4 years course inclusive of food and accommodation)