International School for Champions is a tuition-free school located in Busia County,  Kenya.  It houses over 300 male and female students ages 2-24, most of whom are needy children and orphans who cannot afford an education on their own.  The school seeks to nurture the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and social needs of today‚Äôs adolescents.  They also strive to create opportunities and pathways to success for children and young adults born into the extreme poverty in the region.

Monthly youth-led conferences, weekly micro-society demonstrations of actual jobs students excel at, talent and skill search, and field trips all utilize community resources available to them.  In addition to curriculum-based education, the International School For Champions offers demonstrative learning to properly prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow including entrepreneur mentoring.

The teachers use innovative technology, research-based best practices, integrated block scheduling and extended day classes to provide students with opportunities to explore their interpersonal choices and behaviors.  International School of Champions also strives to educate students about social issues and charitable work in the area.

Donating to International School for Champions means helping to create a brighter future for a growing number of orphans who desperately need a safe haven to call home and a new family to care for them.

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Please consider donating to the International School For Champions to help educate and shelter needy children and orphans who cannot afford an education on their own.